Note:  The Parade STARTS at 10:00am.  But we are lining up on Hopkins (between Arguello and Winslow), which is the third group.

(Groups 1-3 "line-up" at 9am, groups 4-5 line-up at 10am.)

There will not be a sound truck with singers, but we will do the 2013 Enredo.

Bateria wear 2013 Bateria Uniform (Green Shirt, Leopard Hat).  As always I'll have some extras.

Here is a PDF MAP of the parade assembly area.

We don't get an exact location until the morning of the parade when we get there. Hopkins is Group 3 (of 5) so CALL TIME IS 9:00AM and we should be closer to the front of the parade this year. Parade start time is 10:00am and there is a good chance we could start moving forward BEFORE 10am, don't be late!